the brink of healing


To heal we cannot reject our illness and grief or use anger and aversion to try to get rid of them. Instead, we have to bring a tender, healing energy to all that is sick or torn, what is broken or lost. In the Buddhist prayer of healing, similar to the spirit of Jesus, we recite: “May I be the healing medicine for all who are sick. May I bring healing to myself and others.” We believe that healing is possible and dedicate ourselves to be part of that healing. We become tender and wise with ourselves and those around us, especially when we are experiencing fear and grief ourselves.

Sometimes this is all that healing asks, that we become present. You should never underestimate your power to heal when you step toward difficulty with courage and love, when you touch pain with healing rather than fear. Our healing comes with our own kind attention and through the kind embrace of another. As long as you can, find a passion for the preciousness of life, and bring this care to the healing of your heart and body.     ~Jack Kornfield

like standing at the precipice of your own becoming…….arrive to the muck and be free….

inquiry for today~   sense yourself stepping forward…..what needs to be left behind?

and we are revealed to each other

Remember the entrance door to the sanctuary is inside you.   ~Rumi

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