freedom as initiation

1-IMG_1996 3.JPG

Give me everything mangled and bruised,

and I will make a light of it to make you weep,

and we will have rain and we will begin again.

~Deena Metzger

first it was fury. then it was grief. then it was despair. and then?

inquiry for today~   we pass it on. remember and know your teachers. listen. and slow before reacting……..take time to honor your uprisings…..

to distill the uprising

When you mindfully recognize your fear, anger, desire, or loneliness, you come to know it, and then it begins to be workable. If you are lonely, for example, study it. the Sufi poet Hafiz warns, “Don’t surrender your loneliness so quickly. Let it cut more deeply. Let it season you as few ingredients can.” If you cannot bear loneliness, your boredom, your anxiety, you will always run away. The moment you feel lonely or bored, you may open the fridge, or go online, or do anything to avoid being with yourself. But with loving awareness you can endure, honor, and value loneliness and aloneness. And they can be informative. They can teach you about yourself, your longings, what you have neglected for too long. They can help you find a deeper freedom.   ~Jack Kornfield


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