ignite the space in between

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As you get older your very sense of self opens up, and the heart comes forward. The revelation of your compassion and capacity for connection brings out a part of you that may have been hidden, at least partially. In learning how to be in community you become a more defined person. You have opportunities to act on your values and let your individuality show. You get feedback that is precious. Your inner potential pours out into the world and becomes real in the midst of other people.  ~Thomas Moore

all of the surreal moments of disconnection respond to doorways…..like how everything comes through and is changed once again….

inquiry for today~   what is absolute today? and what is shifting with time and age?

for real

Until the veils are lifted, there is no knowing what is real within this “fleeting world.” There is little real in our experience of life. But the seeker cannot bypass the veils that separate her from the Truth. These veils both distract and protect. If they did not exist, the seeker would be burned away immediately by the light of the Absolute. Many spiritual traditions acknowledge the existence of these veils that hide the light of Truth and hide our own divine nature from us. These veils belong to the dance of life- the hide-and-seek of the Beloved within creation.    ~Llewellyn Vaughan Lee


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