unmoving into trust

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For me, home is no longer a physical place home is me. It is everywhere my heart and love go. Wherever I am, that is where I call home. What better way to express our freedom than to let go of the wounds that have kept us oppressed? What better way to use my words than to say I forgive you? What better way to say I am free than to say that I love another without fear?      ~Don Miguel Ruiz

there is an ease and a presence that is dignified and eternal……we rarely access this deeper comfort with where we are……

inquiry for today~   may your day allow for a simple rest and spacious silence……remain until you know this eternal awareness……

cherished and contained

After a long and tumultuous expansion, the universe began to contract. the speed with which it had cast itself out was finally overpowered by the inward gravitational pull of its own suspended matter, and so the stars and planets paused like weary travelers before beginning to drift the long way back toward one another. They drew together in great clumps, colliding with such force that they collapsed into black holes. Thus, all of creation devoured itself and was compressed down to a region of incredible heat and density. This situation was altogether identical to the initial conditions that had preceded the big bang. And since there was nothing to prevent that happy explosion from recurring, the universe inevitably sprang forth once more in a cycle that was without end. If this activity could have been viewed as a whole over an impossible amount of time, it would have looked as if the universe were steadily breathing in and out, in and out, in and out.    ~Seth Fried

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