who allows you to be you?

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Even with the best motives, because doing is always a tensing up against and a resisting of what is, because it refuses to take more than minimal satisfaction from the process itself and is overwhelmingly attached to achieving specific results, because it cannot easily stop or change direction when new information- internal or external- is available, it takes tremendous energy and is not sustainable. New energy, new resolve, motivation, and enticement must be found to continue. Some things can be achieved by doing, but the cost is high, and the achievements fortify our belief that we must keep doing, taking us further and further from the essential stillness we long to find, luring us into exclusively identifying with and relying upon our ego’s ability to do.    ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

when we really see, we really experience….

inquiry for today~   what does it mean to be open-minded to your life today?

judging & condemning

To tell ourselves- to tell life- that it shouldn’t be the way that it is is a type of insanity. This insanity destabilizes us. It’s a bit like going up a brick wall, telling it that it shouldn’t be there, and then continuing to walk into it. Every time you bump your head on it, you judge the brick wall for being there, and then you walk into it again, again bumping your head. Then you say it shouldn’t be there, at which point you condemn yourself from the pain you have in your head. It’s a kind of insanity to be constantly arguing with what is and thinking it should be different. It’s a way that we keep bumping into life. When we collide with life in this way, we always feel interior friction, and we can never find the inner stability for which we yearn.   ~Adyashanti


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