the soul of a quirky life

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How can you develop a constructive sense of irony in your life? A first step might be to reconsider basic ideas you have about human life. Many people live by sentimental notions that haven’t matured into appropriately complex ideas. Life is complicated, usually more so than your understanding and philosophy of life. A sense of irony develops from deeper thought and a more educated imagination. No, you yourself have to take your life seriously. Feel its weight. Admit its complexity. And as Jungians would say, honor its shadows. Irony can come only from an awareness of the good and the bad, the successes and failures, the areas on intelligence and the zones of folly and ignorance. It’s all right to have grand and eccentric longings. It’s all right to be afraid. Only by embracing these two emotional pillars will you glimpse the nature of your soul, which is the ground of your existence.   ~Thomas Moore

what is genuine, free, and markedly subtle toward a more deep-seated awareness?

inquiry for today~   the invisible and unconscious ironies lie just below your most awkward moments today…celebrate them!

whose soul?

I stand

And suddenly understand

That you, Deep Night,

Surround me and play with me,

And I am stunned-

Your breath comes over me.

And from a vast, distant solemnity

Your smile enters me.



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