how do you feed courage?


One of the main principles I have practiced is a simple one I got from James Hillman: “Go with the symptom.” In a world where we are always trying to overcome and conquer problems, it is like magic, helping us find relief from heavy emotional strain and opening up into new areas of life. In part, its magic comes from being so different from common sense. Almost always, in the face of pain we ask, “How can I get rid of this?” But our magic principle is quite different: “How can I go further into this problem and find myself on the other side, relieved and happier?” Hillman liked to quote a line from the poet Wallace Stevens on this point: “The way through the world is more difficult to find than the way beyond it.” Can you take an unpleasant matter, say loneliness, and instead of trying to avoid it, go into it and find relief after you’ve come to know it?    ~Thomas Moore

how many times will you forget to flow with the tide?

inquiry for today~   practice a little release today as you feel your breath soften to ease into discomfort…….


My work has confirmed for me that the body is a crucible where our thoughts, actions, and emotions are transformed into soul. The body continues to guide us as we wend along or soul path. Soul is where the fires of our passions burn. It is where our love is most alive. The soul longs for this deeper love, for a connection between form and formlessness, for a continuum between the earth and the divine. Don’t be fooled into thinking you are alone on your journey. You’re not. Your struggle is everyone’s struggle. Your pain is everyone’s pain. When we focus the power of our attention on the present, the full measure of our soul is available to each of us at every moment.    ~Benjamin Shield

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