conflicting nonsense

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Through prayer, we come out of the mine shaft, open our eyes, become receptive to enlightened presence, the omnipotent love and compassion that exist for all beings.

~Chagdud Tulku Rinpoche

distant dreams. vibrant discoveries. indescribable suffering. holy truth.

inquiry for today~   what you don’t know is the way in…….the conscious and accepting reflections of your world today will provide you with ways to relate and know and nourish……..

the somber sense of illusion

In duality consciousness we live in a world of struggle, a world of opposites- light and dark, space and matter, joy and sorrow, life and death. We experience everything- everything- as a contradiction or a denial of something else. We filter life through “either/or consciousness.” Either a person is a friend or a foe; either we’re for or against something; either we’re right or wrong, or someone else is right or wrong. This seems to be the way we are wired. Life on earth as a human being- called the “dualistic plane” by many different spiritual traditions- is experienced as a struggle between opposing forces. We say, “That’s the law of nature. That’s the law of duality. that’s just the wait it is.” If we are indeed trapped in an illusion of duality, what lies beyond the limits of what we think of as “just the way it is?” What is the unified principle? This is where we run into problems.  When Jesus spoke of the unified Trinity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit; when the Buddha taught about nondiscrimination; when Krishna met Arjuna on the battlefield to talk about karma and liberation- all of these teachers were attempting to lead seekers into an experience of unity. Instead, clunky religious doctrines grew up around the simple yet indescribable truth of unity consciousness. The unified principle cannot be fully described. A landscape where things aren’t all-or-nothing, black-or-white, right-or-wrong. A state of grace where we hold the opposite tendencies in a light embrace of unity. Somewhere deep within we know about this other way of being; we know about unity; we remember God.

~Elizabeth Lesser

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