landing on ice


We celebrate and lament life in the fast lane. Life on the treadmill. Networking. Interfacing. Instead, what if we see this day as a living, breathing being of energy and power, with which we can develop a capacity to transcend the rush of details? Just when we think it’s domesticated, this living momentum will show us its wild side. When we are both tired, we can walk. We can trust that in stopping, the wisdom for proceeding will find us. It’s our job to the let the Divine blow in our faces and guide us home.     ~Christina Baldwin

we don’t always understand resilience… can we actually nourish this?

inquiry for today~   maybe we can envision a little less chaos…..maybe we can rest…..

secret wishes

Human life is full of questions and beset with all kinds of problems, but in the end each soul is faced with the “Zushya problem.” Each must answer for the life actually lived; better then to begin the consideration of the question sooner rather than later. That was part of the wisdom found in the question of one’s life while still alive rather than be in fear of a final judgment. If there is a unique seed hidden in one’s soul, it would be best to uncover it while there is still time to learn its wisdom and live by its guidance.    ~Michael Meade

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