numinosity of presence

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At night, in my dream, I stoutly climbed a mountain,

Going out alone with my staff of holly-wood.

A thousand crags, a hundred hundred valleys-

In my dream journey none were unexplored

And all the while my feet never grew tired

And my step was as strong as in my young days.

Can it be that when the mind travels backward

The body also returns to its old state?

And can it be, as between body ad soul,

That the body may languish, while the soul is still strong?

Soul and body- both are vanities;

Dreaming and waking- both alike unreal.

In the day my feet are palsied and tottering;

In the night my steps go striding over hills.

As day and night are divided in equal parts-

Between the two, I get as much as I lose.

~Po Chii-I

connecting dots between feelings and experience is a slippery slope….

inquiry for today~      what impulses subside with clear seeing? seek to free obstruction…..


Letting go- surrender- is key to freeing attention from bondage in self and suffering. We let go by meeting habitual patterns with a still mind of equanimity. We surrender attachment to them when we simply witness them without reactivity, assent, or identification. Can I even risk imagining that “I” exist as illusion? Try, if you like. See what arises. Who am I if I’m not who I believe I am? Try imagining life without endless self-reference. And rest in the unbounded imagining.    ~Kathleen Dowling Singh

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