your fine & subtle remembrances


Even if you have a very busy mind, if you let go of judging your mind for being busy, even in the midst of the busyness, this stillness is still there. Similarly, if you let go of judging the exterior situation- your world- for being noisy or chaotic, even for  a moment, this true stillness is there. And when we arrive at this inner stillness and inner stability, our emotional being opens. It is only then that we begin to realize that so much of our instability is caused by our constant arguing with what’s happening. Yet letting things simply be as they are is not something that we’re taught. In many ways we’re taught to be in a constant state of friction with, to be in battle with what is. When we operate from this viewpoint, it puts us in a sense of future, where real freedom or real peace can be found in some time other than now.    ~Adyashanti

seeking and more seeking….and so wild and in a state of continual flux……and how we love to strive……

inquiry for today~  wait for a quiet feeling inside… fine and so rare……

maybe the sun moves with us

We need to return to the solitude within, to find again the dream that lies at the hearth of the soul. We need to feel the dream with the wonder of a child approaching a threshold of discovery. When we rediscover our childlike nature, we enter into a world of gentle possibility. Consequently, we will find ourselves more frequently at that place, at the place of ease, delight, and celebration. The false burdens fall away. We come into rhythm with ourselves. Our clay shape gradually learns to walk beautifully on this magnificent earth.    ~John O’Donohue

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