electromagnetic impulse


even if you are a small forest

surviving off of moon alone.

your light is extraordinary.


~Nayyirah Waheed

when you shift from knowing to really knowing without doubt…..

inquiry for today~ do you listen to your heart? who else do you listen to?

under the beat

The important thing is not that the heart is an intricate pump or even that it creates electromagnetic fields that other people can feel or through which we can communicate. The important thing is that we exist, immersed in living fields of communication, all of which are imbued with meaning, generated by intelligent life forms, and flow from and to us from the moment the cells of our bodies self-organize into the unique identities that we know as ourselves.We feel the touch of the world upon us, and those millions of unique touches hold within them specific meanings, sent to us from the heart of the world and from the heart of the living beings with which we inhabit this world. We are one organism among many, one ensouled form among a multitude.     ~Stephen Harrod Buhner

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