lost kindreds rekindle the wheel


The sacred wholeness of which all is made- call it God, the Mystery, the Life Force, the Great Mother- conspires on behalf of our soul, supports our desire to live fully, to heal deeply and unfold completely into life and love.    ~Oriah Mountain Dreamer

you can’t really get lost……you meander and re-center, come round to your new home….

inquiry for today~   where is center? hint: only found in the day-to-day mysteries…..

all the sweet-nothings

Centering as simultaneity. It comes close to the ear, to sound, everything at once. It is a pulse. a plasticity. As you go out, you come in, you always come into center. Because we are working in a center-centered world, our maximum expansion and freedom is our maximum self-containment. Self-centeredness may be understood then in the sense of balance. We bring our self into a centering function, which brings it into union with all other elements. This is love. This is destruction of ego, in that its partialities are sacrificed to wholeness. Then the miracle happens: When on center, the self feels different: one feels warm, on rayonne, in touch, the power of life a substance like an air in which one lives and has one’s being with all other things, drinking it in and giving it off, at the same time quiet and at rest within it.   ~M.C. Richards


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