how it all comes ’round to meaning


Purpose isn’t always obvious as we go through our day. In fact, the routine of daily life sometimes feels like the antithesis of meaning. That’s where intention comes in says Parneet Pal of Wisdom Labs. “It can help you align your conscious thinking with a primal emotional drive- like reward, connection, purpose, self-identity and core values. Instead of worrying about the meaning of life, craft a life that has meaning to you right where you are, advises Chip Conley, the founder of Joie de Vivre hotels. In “Emotional Equations: Simple Truths,” Conley tackles the existential question, “What’s the meaning of life?” and concludes that meaning is a DIY job. “Lots of people are so distracted by searching for the light at the end of the tunnel that they cannot see clearly what’s right  next to them,” he writes. “Creating an abstract idea of meaning can just become another distraction. What is life asking of you right now? Can you light a figurative candle in your hand to illuminate this moment so that you and those around you can make a difference today?”    ~Claire Ciel Zimmerman

we focus less on behavior than we do on values……yet, how we act is how we live….

inquiry for today~    who will you serve today? how will you express yourself wisely, richly, fully and deeply?

when you dream of karma

The key to learning to incline ourselves toward non-harmful intentions is to reflect on whether our proposed speech or action will intensify suffering for ourselves and others or will alleviate it. Mindfulness practice helps here because it makes us more aware of our reactive tendencies. And so, by responding with kindness, compassion, and generosity, we are turning ourselves into a person who is kind, compassionate, and generous. We are forming our character. This, in turn, has a positive effect on the world around us.      ~Toni Berhhard

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