when integrity crumbles


When you feel you have no more to give, keep your heart open just a while longer, because this is when the deepest gift we have is about to show itself. This is the foundational side of a paradox that can’t be explained: as we’re humbled over time to honor our very real limitations, the light we carry is ever more exposed through those limitations. And just when we’re at the end of what we know, the soul’s lips are ready to meet the world. As we honor our frailties, we’re also asked to trust in the inexhaustible Source the heart is threshold to. While the container we are can wear down and weaken, the Spirit we carry is indestructible. I know this because I’ve watched the life-force burst from those being born, and I’ve bowed to the tenderness seeping from others as they die. I know this because I’ve almost died myself, and have felt the life-force burst and seep through me. I’ve been roughly rearranged by life until the face beneath my face, that can hide nothing, finally met the world. Once the light we carry is felt and known, a covenant is awakened within us to keep that inexhaustible light in view. This is a marriage of the deepest kind between our soul and the life that carries that soul while here on Earth.   ~Mark Nepo

don’t leap too far into the future- where you may forget what once was…..

inquiry for today~   notice when you numb out, and then feel into your resistance of kindness toward yourself……

avoidance and pithiness


Recognize emotional reactivity.

Pause by taking 3 full breaths, and allow your inner experience to be as it is.

Investigate with kindness whatever feelings are most predominant.

Resume activity, and notice if there is more natural presence- (non-identification)

~Tara Brach

2 thoughts on “when integrity crumbles

    • So many layers to unfurl. Gently. Kindly. Yet with fierce resolve. How we evolve. How we express. How we breathe. Thank you g.f.s…….

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