looking out over new ground

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The tops of clouds that no one sees

illuminated by the sun.

The inside of the heart that no one sees

softened by the soul.

The calm waiting at the center

of all silence.

The warmth waiting at the center

of all feeling.

The coolness waiting at the bottom

of a lake.

The emptiness waiting at the bottom

of all ideas.

The first sign of light that stirs

birds to sing.

The wordless beginning that awakens

the encumbered.

Understanding is only the movement

between seasons.

~Mark Nepo

marking time with spring’s delicate and tentative stance…..how will I trust again?

inquiry for today~    enjoy the turning, the liquid movement of snow and new buds……

I don’t know

In the great turning points of life, anything and anyone can become a source of deliverance. In the proximity of genuine knowledge, mysteries become revealed and in mysterious ways. This kind of self-awakening changes everything; it opens wide the gates of understanding. The roads of life are cluttered with signs set to persuade us to become someone else, rather than strive to become who we are inside. A tremendous collective effort is made every day to insure that the limited perspective and common beliefs that sustain the obvious world remain firmly in place. People talk of being realistic, of paying attention to the real world, all the while missing any connection to the reality of the deeper self and the wisdom that resides within it. The real treasure of life, the one difficult to find and hard to attain, is never far from us. Yet it remains a secret because trusting in oneself remains one of the hardest things to do in life.     ~Michael Meade

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