how to emerge


Emptiness is a way to understand how we emerge from an unrepeatable set of causes and conditions that create our individual uniqueness. We don’t lose who we are in unity, but instead we come to see how we are one thread in an unfathomably boundless tapestry, which is forever interweaving and creating and dissolving an infinite variety of forms. If we can tolerate the discomfort of our fear of the vast unknown, we can perhaps taste our true home- not the false home that our ego has created as a protection and defense against its own fears, but rather a place where we feel both our singularity and our commonality with all of life.    ~Mark Coleman

what is sitting beside you as you transition into new being?

inquiry for today~   regardless of belief, you have not understood your own destiny…….may you realize and be humbled to deep peace…….

spring drifts in

Happiness cannot be found

Through great effort and willpower,

But is already present

In relaxation and letting go.

~Gendun Rinpoche

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