blinding discomforts

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One way to experience equanimity is to experiment with mindfulness meditation. Rather than fixing attention on a single object, such as the breath or a mantra, mindfulness meditation involves the moment-to-moment awareness of changing objects of perception. Mindfulness is like a floodlight, shining awareness on the whole field of experience- including sensations, emotions, and thoughts- as they arise and pass away in the dynamic, ever-changing flux that characterizes the human mind-body experience. Mindfulness allows you to see the nature of the unfolding process without getting caught in reactivity, without identifying with your sensations, emotions, and thoughts. This insight changes your relationship to the mind-body. The waves will keep coming, but you wont’ get swept away by them. Equanimity balances the giving of your heart’s love with the recognition and acceptance that things are the way they are. However much you may care for someone, however much you may do for others, however much you would like to control things (or wish that they were other than they are) equanimity is a reminder that all beings everywhere are responsible for their own actions, and for the consequences of their actions. Equanimity will allow you to open your heart and offer love, kindness, compassion, and joy, while letting go of your expectations and attachment to results. Equanimity gives you the energy to persist, regardless of the outcome, because you will be connected to the integrity of the effort itself.

~Frank Jude Boccio

black. white. light.

inquiry for today~   when you need to let go, do you grip more tightly? can you notice this today?

no linear path here

The purpose of Zen is not to become people who don’t think, but to think only what we need to; not to be lost in unnecessary thoughts, but to see what is most necessary right now. Nonabiding or nonattachment is the characteristic of our essence of mind. With nonattachment we have not time to get caught on things; we are always flowing. The cultivation of flowing mind is zazen. Then we can become the flower, become the moon, become the stars- absorbed into them, we become everything we encounter completely and totally. That is our correct state of mind.

~Shodo Harada

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