such is your unspoken passion


Balance is motion. We live in a universe of opposites, and a balance can be achieved by letting both sides of every issue count. To balance is to avoid standing still: it’s like a seesaw constantly in motion. So balance is constant motion, and the same goes for emotional balance. A placid mind is not a mind in which nothing happens, but a mind that manages to keep its balance, constantly wobbling, as it were. It means not resisting anything and enabling all the emotions to flow into and out of your heart easily. One thing that is crucial for developing equanimity is a friendly, tolerant attitude towards life, also known as compassion, that great virtue. Not just for others, but especially for yourself. People with a lot of self-compassion fare better. Self-compassion helps you to comfort yourself and to stay in the moment without being swept along by emotions. Staying in the moment, with a clear and open mind, kind to yourself and others: that is equanimity. If the ancient philosophers are to be believed, this is our true nature.    ~Lisette Thooft

your treasured life sneaks up on you a little here and a little there….

inquiry for today~  one way to imagine your life is like this volcano stirring……erupting now and again with deep soul stirrings…..the ones we so desperately try to ignore…..but to no avail because they call us to truth……

all the trouble you found along the way

Processing your life is being an alchemist to your own experience. You observe it closely, watching it change, noticing hidden colorings and smells. You help all your experiences focus on your current life and identity. They are the raw stuff of your soul.   ~Thomas Moore

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