it’s ok to wish upon stars


I promise if you keep searching for everything beautiful in this world, you will eventually become it.   ~Tyler Kent Wright

when all is fuzzy and gray and dull…….this is when action is unimportant…..simply notice….

inquiry for today~   let the warmth of memory allow you to pause…….stop your planning and look up at the night sky…..

soft and welcoming

Allow for things to resonate with your soul. The feeling of a great song. A bite of a seasonal treat. A quiet moment all to yourself. Crisp morning air. When you can allow for space and joy in your life, you begin to connect more fully with all of the small treasures in the present. When you allow yourself to slow down and open your eyes to feel what is around you, you begin to notice how light is beautiful beyond words, a phone call to a friend transforms you day, and a new book feels like a treasure.    ~Stephanie Horning

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