blue moon over Easter dawn

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Do not tell me your life is nothing.
Many of the most enlivening
and sustaining strong flashes
of Life and Light — are within.

Enter the Treasure Room
and review its contents often.
Behold them with love.
Shine them anew.
Gratitude is not enough.
Indebtedness to the Holy
is where the relationship forms.
This entering, remembering,
holding and caring for,
is a Debt of Honor
to what and Who sustains us.
And if carried through,
All will ever return love to you.

May it be so for thee
May it be so for me,
May it be so for us all.


With love siempre, from me to you, during this momentous time of changing Light…

~Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

big moon. beautiful Easter sunrise. hope.

inquiry for today~  celebrate what needs honoring…..come into your own……

synchronicity and cycles

Astrologically, this moon is prime time to, “wake up as wild ground phlox gets the jump on other flowers and bursts into brilliant pink blossom. Because it is first, phlox is a herald of sorts, announcing that it is time to step forth into the raiment of your best intention and biggest dream,” according to Sometimes stepping into your best can require more work than you were prepared for. And sometimes other’s spring cleaning check list is a lot simpler. Just remember that spring will come, even if it seems like you’re stuck in winter a little longer. Tonight is the last blue moon of 2018 and perfect timing for families celebrating Easter weekend together. Blue moon is the name for the second full moon to fall on a single calendar month. Since the last full moon fell on March 1st, tonight’s full moon on March 31st is considered a “blue moon”. Unusually, this is the second blue moon to occur this year, with the first one falling on January 31st when there was a Super Blue Blood Moon. In addition to tonight’s blue moon, it will also be a “Paschal” moon. This is because tonight will be the first full moon of spring, just 11 days after the start of spring. The last time there was a blue paschal moon was in 1999 and the next won’t occur until 2037. On the other hand, you will be able to enjoy the full moon’s light just ahead of Easter Sunday. Hopefully, it’s a nice spring night where you live and you can spend it outdoors in the blue moon’s glow.

Come on all my people
Come one and all
One and all
If your one the people right there right then
You bet a ladies dead and they’re appalled
They’re appalled
Come into my palace
Come and see my hollow walls
The servants crawl

It’s gonna be a blue moon rising
Rising one and all
Some people like that

– Blue Moon Rising, Creedence Clearwater Revival

~Trevor Nace


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