despair & the calling to know how


Challenge: Overthinking and making brain-sense of emotional terrain.

Shadow: Love and loyalty for beginnings has the power to undermine a necessary cycle. Hesitancy to step into the unknown territory of greater consciousness is to be expected, but can be frustrating to start and stall as we cling to how things used to be.

Medicine: Allow beginnings to be equal in value to endings. Honor that leaving facilitates growth. Strive for understanding of your multi-dimensionality and the interconnectedness of all things.

~Pixie Lighthorse

how will you wake to dawn? how will you seek out moon?

inquiry for today~  this is the day of all days… can read and dance and work hard toward all that brings you to honor what you must leave behind…..

no surrender here

Needless to say, the path of purification is not easy. It involves experiencing precisely what we have always ignored or suppressed. Purification is not about being pure. Purification is about changing our relationship with the reactive patterns that run our lives. Purity, on the other hand, is a spiritual ideal. Many religious traditions and many practices have been built around purity. However, the idealization of purity is a pattern based on a deep and often unacknowledged aversion to dirt. Sadly, unless open awareness plays a role in the practice (specifically by bringing acceptance and equanimity into the picture), every effort made to avoid dirt reinforces the aversion at the core of this pattern.    ~Ken McLeod

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