how to ignore your life

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We all have a life, but we are not always aware of how precious it is. And we all have an ego, but we do not always take enough responsibility for it. There are those attracted to spiritual pursuits because they seek a means of escape from life. They view enlightenment as a way out. But this attempt to leapfrog over the ego is counterproductive. There is no getting around it. If we wish to not perpetuate suffering, we have to take a hard look at ourselves. Making one’s life into a meditation is different from using meditation to escape from life.   ~Mark Epstein

how we are tested and how we discern the uniqueness of our experiences…

inquiry for today~  where are your tendencies to hide? to deny profound grace?

our capacity to see

As the soul experiences the glory of awareness of its deeper nature, the ego simultaneously experiences the possibility of authentic transformation to ensure that this transformation does not happen, but it does so in the name of truth. People move toward the light while being unwilling to descend into the dark, murky dredge of their own emotions and relational challenges. The result is an ungrounded, partial, and lopsided version of spiritual awareness. Those of us who have committed to the spiritual path find ourselves on a never-ending journey in which each level of expansion and awareness we achieve is accompanied by new levels of complexity. It is important to remember that spiritual materialism and spiritual bypassing will arise as part and parcel of the spiritual path. Avoiding these traps allows us to move forward on our respective paths with consistency and integrity. Spiritual life is, among other things, a continual revelation about what spiritual life is not.     ~Mariana Caplan

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