the awakened heart is never bullied


It is helpful to contemplate that the one who is difficult, the difficulty itself, and the recipient of that difficulty are all happening as if in a dream. You can reflect on the essencelessness of your current situation rather than putting such big importance on everything. This big-deal struggle, this big-deal problematic (or self-righteous) me, and this big-deal person who opposes you, could all be lightened up considerably. Contemplate that these outer things, as well as these emotions, as well as this huge sense of me, are passing and essenceless, like a memory, like a movie, like a dream. Recalling this instruction, you just might find it helps you to loosen your grip and open your mind.     ~Pema Chodron

how you will behave, perceive and be interested is all about liberation…..

inquiry for today~   what is fundamental to connecting your intention to your actions today?

the truth of your path

Wisdom isn’t knowing more, it’s knowing with more of you.

~Cynthia Bourgeault

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