the evolution of the sacred


The toaster needs to be cleaned, and taking it apart, the last screw loses its thread, and I can’t take the bottom off completely or put it back together. But it was my grandmother’s toaster, and I’m not ready to get another. But no one will fix it, and I can’t figure out how to. So I stop having toast for a month until I can accept it’s time to let it go. And somehow, though I feared I’d lose something dear, I strangely feel closer to my grandmother. Because it was never about the toaster.

Relationships are like this. There are times we can’t take them apart or put them back together, and we have to live in between until our dreams of relationship lose their thread. Then our sense of worth appears with the sudden realization after loss that we’re somehow closer to things anyway.

What I’m trying to say is that moving through the world is inevitably complicated, while being in the world by its nature is simple. When in the midst of complication, we’re asked to return to direct living, which means: to say what is true when it is true, and to hold things gently.

~Mark Nepo

how alive and lit up and deadened and complacent too…..

inquiry for today~   do you prostrate yourself to higher consciousness or degradation?

and when we feel unfinished

The problem isn’t that more people hate than love; the problem is when those who hate, they hate with greater conviction than that displayed by those who love. Our love needs to rise up now like a mighty wave that will not stop building; passionate, convicted, and applied to everything.    ~Marianne Williamson


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