and then I moved in

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Well, the heart of who I am is the contemplative. Gerald May, in the amazing book, Will and Spirit, says that the only thing that we bring to the contemplative life is a willing heart. And that the two things that shut down the contemplative life are fear and holding on, grasping. So what I’ve come to realize is that, for me, this journey is about continuing to walk willing towards the hope, the vision, the perspective, the opportunities that are given. But it’s all about where people are hungry. I get invite to where people are hungry. And I’m willing to try to be food for them, just be available, just be present, and listen to their stories or tell mine. But it’s all about keeping my heart open to what’s around, and not closing up.

~Sister Simone Campbell

wanting to feel good, and then not really knowing what that could be….

inquiry for today~    wired for appreciation today, seek out the messiness to rev up your knowing……

our freedom

If we see our so-called limitations with clarity, precision, gentleness, goodheartedness, and kindness and, having seen them fully, then let go, open further, we begin to find that our world is more vast and more refreshing and fascinating than we had realized before. In other words, the key to feeling more whole and less shut off and shut down is to be able to see clearly who we are what we’re doing.     `~Pema Chodron

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