when we are reborn


Embodiment is about gaining, through the vehicle of awareness, the capacity to feel the ambient physical sensations of unfettered energy and aliveness as they pulse through our bodies. It is here that mind and body, thought and feeling, psyche and spirit, are held together, welded in an undifferentiated unity of experience. Through embodiment, we gain a unique way to touch into our darkest primitive instincts and to experience them as they play into the daylight dance of consciousness, and in so doing to know ourselves as though for the first time- in a way that imparts vitality, flow, color, hue, and creativity to our lives.   ~Peter Levine

there aren’t any better ways to touch the depth of our lives than to feel the change of season in its full turning…..

inquiry for today~   know each bud you meet today in its calm abiding…..

we think we can’t feel

The world comes alive under the sparkle of spring rain. Gray clouds soften sunlight as it makes its way to meet fresh green earth, while gravity draws showers from sky to ground. Bright colors pop against a dim backdrop. Cheerful and melancholy make friends for a while.     ~Claire Ciel Zimmerman

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