what inspires forever

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A little-death is necessary whenever life would become bigger. Genuine change requires that something corpse-like be put down before the new way can be fully embraced. The failures, losses, and mistakes in life are little-deaths from which the greater lessons of life can best be learned. When the little-self suffers a little-death, the greater self within can grow and find ways to shine forth. Those who fail to attend to the little-deaths and sudden endings inevitably encountered will also fail to find the life trying to live through them. Not everyone is destined to be a great teacher or spiritual leader; yet the failure to become oneself removes some pertinent knowledge and some spiritual essence from the world. Our fate will bring us to a crossroads each time we need to transform ourselves. We each have an appointment with destiny but must suffer the disappointments of fate in order to arrive there. Fate would stop us in our tracks and strip us to the bone, so that we might discover the essential imagination and seeds of destiny sown at the core of ourselves. Fate will ensnare and constrain the vitality of our lives until we learn where the wind of destiny would have us go.    ~Michael Meade

and all that has been lost is somewhere, yes?

inquiry for today~   have you ever really listened? deeply? madly? divinely?

indeed- I’ve heard this before

The soul is the beginning of all things. It is the soul that lends all things movement. ~Plotinus

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