at the edge of self-efficacy


One of the wonderful things about self-compassion is that it allows you to open your heart- and once it’s open, it’s open. Compassion engages our capacity for love, wisdom, and generosity. It’s a beautiful mental and emotional state that is boundless, directionless. By being more understanding and accepting toward ourselves, we can also be more understanding and accepting toward others. By honoring the limitations of our own human imperfection, we can be more forgiving of others’ mistakes. By soothing and comforting ourselves when feelings of insecurity arise, we provide ourselves with the sense of safety needed to explore the emotionally complex world inhabited by other people.     ~Kristen Neff

what do you know of your story? your most truthful story?

inquiry for today~   beginning again is the most courageous act of self-expression…..we have to be responsible to ourselves…..

how we live or let be

Most of us live in this paradox; we are trailing glimpses of insight, knowing why we are here, and not knowing. We both remember, and forget. We are imbued with wonder, and sometimes consumed with loss. Certainty of purpose starts by believing we have one. One summer night in Paris, a wise young man whispered in my ear, “Inside each of us, the tree of our own life is growing. If this tree is too small for us, we shrink and wither around it and turn into a shrub. If this tree is too big, it becomes a giant oak that tears us apart. We grow in constant tension, so that we and our lives remain the right size for each other.” I love this story because it creates a view of life that challenges the ways we diminish or falsely enlarge ourselves and expands the possibilities of who we think we are. It sets me wondering what size life I am willing to grow.      ~Christina Baldwin

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