how to bear witness to being

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Living in a modern world that has little understanding of the mythical dimension of life, we tend to see our lives as individual small stories with no inherent meaning, largely shaped by random events and experiences. If the world’s myths do indeed point to inherent meaning in our human experience, and if the hero’s journey is indeed the master myth- the soul’s template for the human process of growth- then our passage through life can best be understood as a highly meaningful journey involving sorrow and joy, loneliness and community, endings and beginnings, experience and learning- all toward the fulfillment of our unique human potential. Conscious eldering is about choosing to intentionally embark on the final chapters of our hero’s journey, entering uncharted territory to discover our potential to bring the gifts of true elders to a world urgently in need. We are on the lifelong larger journey of unfolding our own personal myth.     ~Ron Pevny

what flows naturally when we allow ourselves the dignity of rites of passage?

inquiry for today~   live in touch with intentionality and gracious movement today….

approaching potential

When it is my turn, I say, “A woman came to a desert paradise longing for solitude, for a time of being in beauty. She found, to her surprise, that she can have solitude while being alone but also while in community filled with respect, generosity, and ritual. Being in both types of grandeur with a sacred purpose magnifies her spirit to overflowing. She brings back from her solitude a sense of being, a serenity and acceptance of her again she can carry back to her city life. A deep, deep calmness has settled within, punctuated with flashes of quirky human behavior and laughter.”   ~Judith Helburn

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