how we feel into our way

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I am drawn to “everyday miracles”- those not so unusual event that ground us with a felt sensation of unified energy or understanding. I placed a plant in a sunny window, its purple blossoms facing into the room so I could enjoy them only to find that a short time later all those blossoms had turned outward to face the sun again. Everyday miracles such as this occur all the time. We need only be awake enough to catch them as they happen. The sensations of joy, love and unity connected to everyday miracles are felt in the body. These are the sensations of embodying the energy of consciousness. Everyday miracles provide us with chances to become conscious of the unitary nature of consciousness, itself. The sensations of unity I experience seem set in harmony with and balanced by, the parallel reality of my individual, unique human nature.   ~Elissa Cobb

and when there is tightness, there is feeling….and when there is heaviness, there is expectation……..

inquiry for today~ where can you be with the longings and stirrings and release what is denied?

feel into living

Asking a felt sense is like asking another person. You ask a question and then you wait.    ~Eugene Gendlin

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