greet the inner walls


I often recommend a year of developing loving-kindness for oneself. Because of the shame and unworthiness we carry, loving ourselves becomes a particularly powerful practice. It doesn’t create love. It opens the pathway to the gold of our natural love. Then it can spill over to bless all we touch.

~Jack Kornfield

from the deepest despair, we linger in the immeasurables of compassion and equanimity…..

inquiry for today~   hold lightly and be ready to be fulfilled in grace….

in every wisdom tradition

The energy of the love we generate and the love through which we live and move and have our being, the love that is inherent in ever-present awareness beyond self, is identical. Generating the mind of love, we enter love. We enter a more refined and rarified, subtle awareness. We enter the love that has been here all the time anyway, just waiting for us to show up.

~Kathleen Dowling Singh


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