the practice of trust

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As we begin to meet life as it is rather than as we think it should be, as we let go of our need to control and continuously interpret our experience, we start to open to life in a completely new way. We become deeply grounded in silence. The nature of this silence is a lack of conflict with life, and the more we open to this state of nonconflict, to this state of inner stillness, we begin to fall into the grace of a different dimension of being- a dimension rooted in a deep intimacy with our own lives and with existence itself. Through this grace we are actually drawn more and more into this new dimension, this new way of perception. From the standpoint of ego, during these very transformative and illuminating experiences, we feel hesitant or even afraid, because the conceptual world with which we’ve walled ourselves in is starting to break down. We know intuitively that we have begun the process of going beyond the way we view life in the past. It’s like waking up from a dream. This other dimension of existence is extraordinarily rich and full of meaning- not meaning- not meaning we can describe or understand it with the mind, but with a felt sense of a great vastness and value, something of profound significance.


how can you stay long enough to feel, to allow, to be kind?

inquiry for today~   seek relationship with what is today…..slowly, softly, deliberately….

initial failure

The risky task with your wounds is to open them so soul can come through. Allow yourself to be worked over until you awake to your greater potential. Avoid making sense of your pain too soon, finding relief too quickly, blaming someone for your anguish, or seeking revenge. Don’t cave in and seek refuge in self-blame, self-pity, or playing the role of the victim or martyr; nor through denial, cynicism, abandoning your own dreams and values, or paranoid confidence in a never-ending series of further woundings. Allow the wound to do its work on you even should you descend into those personal patterns and attachments that must die so you may be reborn into a greater life. You will learn to forgive and to love again. Rumi says, “Wherever there is a ruin, there is hope for treasure- why do you not seek the treasure of God in the wasted heart?” Annie Bloom, a spiritual “heart specialist” and vision quest guide, says that opening to your sacred wound allows you to genuinely fall in love with yourself. You come to see yourself so deeply you form an intimate relationship with the person you most truly are. What’s more, you recover a treasure to carry into life, and thereby contribute to the redemption of the world- your family, community, and species.

~Bill Plotkin


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