into that wretched doubt


Despite the hardships that life throws at us, despite all the pain and loss we endure, life keeps growing us and shaping us. Life keeps living. Not always in the form we expect, and not always in a way that’s recognizable. But life keeps pulsing under everything. Despite the pain or confusion I face, something in me keeps reaching for that irrepressible force that lives under everything. Instead of making progress from here to there, we’re asked to penetrate the layers that cover what matters in any moment, so we can inhabit what is vital. This is how we find our place.

~Mark Nepo

how the view looks from the inside is always so different from the outside….why do we forget?

inquiry for today~   your greening is happening in the most subtle way….as your life grows, your wisdom grows…..really……

whatever can be released

We are taught from a young age to not be lazy, to go to school and work hard, to achieve and believe, and all sorts of other nuggets of wisdom from Successories posters. None of this advice is especially wrong, but maybe the dosage is too high or we are conditioned to expect unrealistic results. Life just sucks sometimes. It is hard- really hard- to just keep your head above water. Then to add on top of that the continuous need for self-improvement, and it’s just too much to expect. Sometimes the best thing that you can do is to say no to the next big gimmick to change your life. This evening, let go of the need to make your life better, bigger, faster, and more. Accept your financial difficulties, your troubled emotions, your fraught relationships- all of it. Be the silent witness to the drama unfolding around you. Inhale deep calm and tranquility. Do not rise to the bait of thinking that you have to be someone other than who you are at this place and time. Do not punish yourself for having a past, for making mistakes, for, well, living. Just let events unfold naturally, one thing at a time.

~David Dillard-Wright

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