fierce distance


You are the master alchemist.

You light the fire of love

in earth and sky

in heart and soul

of every being.

Through your loving

existence and nonexistence merge.

All opposites unite.

All that is profane

becomes sacred again.


there is nothing like the heart of those we love……

inquiry for today~  may you never whisper too faintly for those you love to hear….

love letters

To love with the transformative power of the universe is a spiritual practice. The ancient Greeks called it agape, a term Christians still use to denote love of God and love of all creation (those may be the same thing). The Buddhists call it “kindness” and “compassion,” and focus on alleviating the suffering in the world. It is a way of being that so many people of different faiths take up consciously in their approach to life. Love as a spiritual practice is an act of transformation, of ourselves, of others, of the world.   ~Erik Walker Wikstrom

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