how longing blossoms

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The passive night of the spirit, as John of the Cross sees it, is the process of emptying and freeing the spiritual faculties: intellect, memory and will. In my experience, the most universal change accomplished by the passive night of the spirit is the blurring of one’s belief in being separate from God, from other people, and from the rest of creation. Increasingly, one feels a part of all things instead of apart from them. Such softenings can happen with any rigidly held habitual beliefs and concepts. The passive night of the spirit serves to loosen our hold on such expectations, to leave us more willing to accept God’s being as God will. More often, it feels as though the foundations of faith are being shaken. When the spiritual life feels so uprooted, it can be almost impossible to believe- or even to consider- that what’s really going on is a graceful process of liberation, a letting go of old, limiting habits to make room for fresh openness to love.     ~Gerald May

we are so afraid in the one step forward….

inquiry for today~   how shall I know your suffering?

how to make real beauty

When you learn how to send loving-kindness to yourself and to others, you will find that your own pain becomes more bearable. When you learn to extend forgiveness to yourself and others, you will find that there is space for you to heal. Compassion and forgiveness allow you to open your heart and recognize that we all have one thing in common: the desire to be happy, safe, and free from suffering. This is not about enabling yourself or another person to do harm, but about acknowledging both love and pain mindfully.        ~Heather Stang


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