a sudden surrender

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Staying with volatile energy gradually becomes more comfortable than acting it our or repressing it. Staying with it is what heals. It allows us to let go of our self-importance. It’s how the warrior learns to love. This is exactly how we’re training every time we sit in meditation. We see what comes up, acknowledge that with kindness, and let go. Thoughts and emotions rise and fall. Some are more convincing than others. Habitually we are so uncomfortable with that churned-up feeling that we’d do anything to make it go away. This is the basic training in maitri that we need to just keep going forward, to just keep opening our heart.

~Pema Chodron

being unconditional requires honesty and heartfulness…..

inquiry for today~   consider how to move through discomfort today…….

will or control?

Personal power can be defined as the ability to choose and carry out intentions. Empowerment is, therefore, often associate with developing self-esteem and ego strength. However, I think it is empowerment of the soul rather than the ego that offers a key to healing hearts and minds. When a person is predominantly identified with body image and ego roles, the soul tends to be overlooked. I have found that personal growth and empowerment takes place rapidly when a person is willing to confront fear and take responsibility, not only for behavior, but also for thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Consistency and integrity are the foundations of personal power, whereas resistance to empowerment often manifests as inner conflict. When a person is in conflict- when what one says or does is not in alignment with what one thinks or feels- the split between inner experience and outer expression causes stress and reduces self-esteem. Healthy personal empowerment, then, is not achieved simply by will power or self-control. It is, rather, a function of self-awareness, acceptance and integrity.

~Frances Vaughan

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