the unseeable stream


The visionary perceives possibilities, envisions wholeness and embodies the quality of clarity. One who has attained stability of attention and experienced inner stillness may access a transformative vision of human possibility. Spiritual vision inspires and informs all activities of the spiritual warrior, the healer and the teacher and perceives the relationship of the archetypes to each other. Vision is the faculty of perception that sees opposites in relationship to each other and infuses human life with a sense of meaning and purpose. If we refuse to see what is true, we perpetuate suffering, and the mind remains a prisoner of illusion.

~Frances Vaughan

those dark shadows behind lives that seem so alive….

inquiry for today~   peek around the real issue of what is hidden from view today……

lush and lost

Developing a practice of return can help us regain clarity. One way to return to what matters is to put all the urgency of a situation, with all its difficult decisions and impending implications, on an imaginary shelf, to be looked at later. Then without the weight of your situation, you can simply see and feel where you are. When stilled of all that stirs us, we can see what is life-giving. When quiet and still, we rediscover that regardless of where we search, life is never somewhere else.

~Mark Nepo

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