come. here.


We each have a particular way, and we are responsible for the choices we make which shape the direction of our lives unfolding. At the same time, we are also invited to yield our desire to control that unfolding. The spiritual journey calls us out into the wild places where God is not tamed and domesticated. We are asked to release our agendas and discover the holy direction for our lives. When we yield, we allow a holy pause, notice where we are “forcing things,” and then we can let them go. It is about smiling gently at all the inner desires that attempt to grasp control of our lives. When we do, we can give those feelings a compassionate embrace. We can all each of them to dissolve into this endless embrace, yielding to the greater force at work within us.

~Christine Valters Paintner

when we look back and re-discover how we came to be on holy ground….

inquiry for today~   linger in the vast agenda behind your day……

I am here

Since no change is possible without awareness, becoming conscious about nature’s rhythms allows us to see other possibilities and solutions. As Einstein has written: “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” We understand that the future is only a concept in our mind- just a thought, with no actual reality. The future only arrives in this present moment. And the only moment we need to take care of is this one; when we learn to do that, all other moments will be taken care of in the same way.

~Mark Coleman

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