your blood moon


104 minutes. That’s the length of the longest lunar totality of the 21st century. And it happens Friday, July 27th, when the Moon creeps into Earth’s umbra like some thief in the night. There’s nothing so dreamy, so 3D as seeing the Moon soaked in blood orange sunlight while surrounded by dozens of stars during totality. Robbed of its radiance, the full Moon stands on par with the stars. And that color! Sunlight seeping around the circumference of the Earth and refracted by the atmosphere sheds all its colors but the warm ones. These beam to the Moon and paint it with the light of countless sunrises and sunsets. If we could stand on the lunar surface during totality we’d look back to see the big, black disk of Earth, its edge vibrant red, slowly cover the Sun in a total solar eclipse.

~Bob King

slip into a moonbeam of stillness and reach into mystery…..

inquiry for today~    when the dark comes on and we dream of the spectrum of red and pink and all that glows……then, from here, we feel……

stones upon stones of calm

The Moon rules over our emotional body and our intuition. It allows us to feel and reminds us that we are so much more than just what we can see.

The Moon is how so many of us feel connected to the cosmos and to the skies, which is why over the years, we have looked to the Moon for guidance and understanding.

Out of all the lunar activity we will ever feel or experience, July’s Blood Moon Total Eclipse is going to be one of the most potent. This is because it is the longest Lunar Eclipse we will have this century.

Opportunities like this come as a gift to remind us, to activate us, and to awaken us to what path we need to be on, and where we need to make some changes.

As the longest Lunar Eclipse we will ever experience, this is an opportunity for us to dig deep, and reach further to clear and let go of all that we no longer want to carry. This is a time for us to purge, cleanse, and detoxify.

All we have to do is give up everything we ever thought about ourselves, and just allow ourselves to be.

Just allow yourself to be in a state of stillness, in a state of nothingness. Allow the Universe to take what it needs.


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