from this heart

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You learn by reading but understand by Love.

~Shams Tabrizi

when we love well, we create spacious wanderings…..

inquiry for today~   consider your most renegade heart and deepen your offerings again….

so many loves

Selflessness is not a pathologically detached state, disconnected from the world. Nor is it a state where we are caught in a new spiritual identity. “See how selfless I am.” Selflessness is always here. In any moment we can let go and experience life without calling it “me” or “mine.” As the beloved Tibetan master Kalu Rinpoche has said, “When you understand, you will see that you are nothing. And being nothing, you are everything.” When identification with the small sense of self drops away, wheat remains is the spacious heart that is connected with all things.

~Jack Kornfield

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