how I learned to stay in the wild

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Saying that sacredness is the ground means that the basis of the entire world and all beings is primordially good- free of fault or stains of any kind. This is original sacredness, the fundamental wisdom that is already present as our innate nature, complete and perfect from the beginning. However, our experience of this primordially pure ground is impeded by temporary obscurations, which are like clouds in the sky covering the light and warmth of the sun. So the path of sacredness is to develop trust in that innate sacred wisdom- however it arises. We do that by means of simple resting in this ground nature and by developing confidence in various visualized forms embodying this sacredness. Yet true confidence in this sacredness suggests that it has been present in us at every stage of the path- in our initial longing for peace and sanity rather than aggression and neurosis, in the aspiration that beings not suffer in the turbulent ocean of conditioned existence, and in our curiosity and interest in waking up however that manifests. All along, it has been sacredness seeking sacredness.   ~Gaylon Ferguson

do not doubt the call to expand in your messy and sacred visions…..

inquiry for today~   it may be time to call yourself home…..

I heard you

Meditation has many aspects. It is not just about calming. It is also about insight. Although people shy away from the word “enlightenment,” which seems intimidating, at its heart meditation is about awakening. As beginners, the first order of business is simply to tame our mind. It is quite natural: the more we settle down, the more is revealed. The stillness of mindfulness relaxes and opens into a glimpse of emptiness, and the clarity of awareness undermines our self-obsession to uncover a naturally arising compassion.     ~Judy Lief

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