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I believe that spirit is the inner experience of the sacred in our lives. We all have encountered the sacred at some time, and when we have, images are almost always involved. Consider a magnificent sunset when the sky is ablaze with color, the birth of a child, a sudden spring rain, the wonder of the ocean waves, or the peacefulness of a temple or church. Our visual memories call forth that which is spiritual.

Hildegard of Bingen, a 12th century German abbess, is a wonderful example of art as a conduit of spirit. While enveloped in mystical visions, Hildegard was moved to create icons from her visions. Hildegard describes her experiences as a spiritual awakening that stirred the divine spark within her and led her to create art and music as a result.

When art making becomes a true wellness practice, it is often related to the experience of transcendence, finding a place within oneself where spirit resides and then carrying that spiritual self back into life, no matter what obstacles exist. It is the place where the heart is most open and where your creative source flows freely, honestly and with confidence. Finding your authentic voice through art takes you to this portal, and putting your trust into the process guides you to a place within you that touches spirit and restores soul.

~Cathy Malchiodi

how will you take your part in what is sublime and worthwhile and beautiful?

inquiry for today~   maybe it’s prayer, maybe it’s cooking, maybe it’s daydreaming……what is your portal to creative insight?

enrich your passions

When we begin to realize that the principle of dharma exists within us, the heart of neurosis is cooled and pure insight takes place. Because restfulness exists beyond the neurosis, we begin to feel good about the whole thing. We could safely say that the principle of art is related with that idea of trust and relaxation. Such trust in ourselves comes from realizing that we do not have to sacrifice ourselves to neurosis. And relaxation can happen because such trust has become a part of our existence. When relaxation develops in us, we begin to feel good about ourselves. We feel that our existence is worthwhile. We begin to feel that we are fully genuine. The purpose of a work of art is bodhisattva action. Being an artist is not an occupation; it is your life, your whole being.

~Chogyam Trungpa

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