somehow love brings us home

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I just don’t think I’m looking for the big moments in life anymore. It’s more the simple ones that make for a beautiful day now. Like the sun rising and the moon dancing, and the wind singing and the leaves grooving, and kids laughing and music playing, butterflies twirling, heart-smiles staying and me being present to witness all these little beautiful things. this is what makes for a happy and peaceful life, I’m sure.    ~S.C. Lourie

when feeling and perception become fuzzy and the lines around living well are gray…..

inquiry for today~  revive! find the drums and the color and renew your calling…..

calling all things to the heart

But how are we to love when we are stiff and numb and disinterested? Use your senses. Listen. If we listen, we will not have to ask. Centering is simultaneity. It comes close to the ear, to sound, everything at once. It is a pulse, a plasticity. We bring our self into a centering function, which brings it into union with all other elements. This is love. This is destruction of ego, in that its partialities are sacrificed to wholeness. Then the miracle happens: when on center, the self feels different; one feels warm, on rayonne, in touch, the power of life a substance like an air in which one lives and has one’s being with all other things, drinking it in and giving it off, at the same time quiet and at rest within it.     ~M.C. Richards

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