when you need a hero


It is the journey out that beckons, the longing to immerse yourself in the alluring, the wild, the healing, the holy Far Place. With limited supplies and a determination to reach a goal you’re desperate enough to believe will change your life, prove a point, unearth a treasure, save the world, or assure your place in the record books, you set out. You know you will not be permitted to attain your prize without proving that you’re worthy of it, so you have prepared carefully. You studied up on the kinds of weathers and obstacles you might encounter and chose your equipment accordingly. You mapped your route. You said your goodbyes.

Almost as soon as the journey has begun, however, you discover that the surprises that befall you are the very ones you never anticipated. The possibilities you packed for are not the ones that loom before you and threaten to stop you from reaching your goal. They come in the form of dragons to fight, harsh terrain, seducers who want to keep you in their beguiling arms, hunger, loneliness, icy peaks, and many wrong turns.

you know you have something great and urgent to accomplish, something on which your life and quite possibly the lives of many others depend. So on you forge. And at last you succeed. You reach your goal and claim the treasure that has been awaiting you. You stand at the peak of the path you’ve scaled, both physically and spiritually.

And now, proud and confident, you turn toward home. You have done what you set out to do, so it’s easy to assume that all the trials and obstacles you were destined to confront have fallen away and that, from this moment forth, your footsteps will fall on only the smoothest of trails.

What could possibly go wrong?

~Trebbe Johnson

indeed. notice how life takes hard turns into skittery spaces…..but here is where the real journey begins….

inquiry for today~  when you are slammed with a sudden turn in the road, then what happens?

hard times

And all the colors I am inside,

have not been invented yet.

~Shel Silverstein

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