letting love be loved


Just as a wave doesn’t need to go looking for water, we don’t need to go looking for the ultimate. The wave is the water. You already are what you want to become. You are made of the sun, moon, and stars. You have everything inside you. in Christianity there is a phrase “resting in God.” When we let go of all seeking and striving, it is as if we are resting in God. We establish ourselves firmly in the present moment; we dwell in the ultimate; we rest in our cosmic body. Dwelling in the ultimate doesn’t require faith or belief. A wave doesn’t need to believe it is a water. The wave is already water in the very hear and now. God, nirvana, the ultimate, is inherent in every one of us. The question is whether we are available to it.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

this gradual awakening has its own timing….it’s own grace…..

inquiry for today~   you can choose…..remember this just for one full day…..you can choose how you will love today……

antidote to denial

Love is unstoppable. It seeps into our words and our actions in a thousand ways. Sometimes it feels limited, sometimes expansive, but underneath, the mystery of love always pushes through. No matter where we are, we can see the world through the eyes of love. Without love, everything is constrained, if not false. With love, we stand in the presence of all of life’s mysteries. Step out of the limitations that stop your love. Don’t judge. Start just where you are. Honor every form of your love as a movement toward connection. With love, learn to see the beauty of the one before you, and shine upon them.

~Jack Kornfield

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