to fly we need to jump first


One of the byproducts of making a life change, from a yogic perspective, is the opportunity that it gives you to practice, vairagya, which is detachment, or letting go. That means letting go of the past; letting go of the way that things used to be; letting go of your fear, your grief, your old relationship, your old job. But you don’t want to let go in a hard way, forcing yourself to be a samurai of change. Instead, let yourself grieve the losses or feel the anxiety. Then breathe out and imagine that whatever you’re holding onto is flowing out with your breath. Offer it to the universe with a prayer. You do this again and again, until you experience the feeling of freedom that comes with real vairagya. In my experience, just remembering to let go- moment by moment- can by itself be the inner key to navigating positive and radical change. In fact, if all you learn from your change process is a little bit of letting go, you’ll have received one of the great gifts of change- and you’ll be one giant leap closer to living the life of your dreams.   ~Sally Kempton

when we say we are letting go of attachment we are actually creating space for feeling, sensing, accepting, and then allowing…..

inquiry for today~   allow your relationship to fear and change to soften and deepen with kind inquiry…..

forward one step, back two, forward three

Embrace self-doubt and fear that may crop up. All too often, those of us going through a big transformation only want to talk about the amazing parts- and skirt past the darker sides, says life coach Ash Cebulka. “In the spiritual wellness sector, it’s all about being fearless,” she says. “We’re often told to move past our doubts and not to pay attention to our fear.” Yet leaning into these emotions is part of the process. “Fear is just trying to keep us in our comfort zone,” says Cebulka. “Underneath it is an unmet need that should be tended to. Ask yourself what the need is, and within 5 seconds, do something actionable to move yourself past fear and closer to your desire.”   ~Meghan Rabbitt

2 thoughts on “to fly we need to jump first

    • and may your journey be interesting……and may we be willing to meander with doubt and fear and joy and beauty…….all equally interesting…..thanks g.f.s…..

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