virtues of grit


We resist change. We fear the unknown. But everything is changing all the time- the waves, the clouds, and us. If we are quiet and still in the moment, we can witness change and accept it as inevitable. We can learn to surrender into it, become friends with it. That doesn’t mean that we don’t work to relieve suffering within that change- we might, for example, do everything we can to heal ourselves or others from cancer, but we try to deny or become angry that cancer is there. We can acknowledge it, look at the choices we have, and then act in a loving way.

~Ram Dass

I never knew a way out of trouble…….I simply allowed the fire of the heart to rescue me…..

inquiry for today~   find a light…..not the trite “all is well” kind of light….find the deep, tunnel of light that brings a kind of grit that cannot be dimmed…..

what is over that mountain?

If we are to save the mind we must ignore its gloomy virtues and celebrate its strength and wonder. Our world is poisoned by its misery, and seems to wallow in it. It has utterly surrendered to that evil which Nietzsche called the spirit of heaviness. Let us not add to this. It is futile to weep over the mind, it is enough to labor for it.

But where are the conquering virtues of the mind? The same Nietzsche listed them as mortal enemies to heaviness of the spirit. For him, they are strength of character, taste, the “world,” classical happiness, severe pride, the cold frugality of the wise. More than ever, these virtues are necessary today, and each of us can choose the one that suits him best. Before the vastness of the undertaking, let no one forget strength of character. I don’t mean the theatrical kind on political platforms, complete with frowns and threatening gestures. But the kind that through the virtue of its purity and its sap, stands up to all the winds that blow in from the sea. Such is the strength of character that in the winter of the world will prepare the fruit.

~Albert Camus

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