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Mindfulness heals. Mindfulness allows us to practice what Christians call “guarding the mind.” To be mindful and guard the mind means that we are aware, and can therefore choose whether to make a different response. Psychotherapists agree that awareness is profoundly healing. “Therapeutic progress depends upon awareness; in fact the attempt to become more conscious is the therapy,” declared Fritz Perls, Jungian psychiatrist. “Awareness- by and of itself- can be curative.” For Carl Rogers, one of the most influential of psychologists, awareness was synonymous with psychological health: “Fully functioning people are able to experience all their feelings, afraid of none of them, allowing awareness to flow freely in and through their experiences.”

~Roger Walsh

there is nothing banal about how you experience your world…..

inquiry for today~   living big and wild is directly related to how you notice your life…..this is the art of presence……

how passion drives our awareness

Take a giant leap outside your comfort zone and experience every last bit of panic that greets you. Let the abundance of life penetrate you deep, until you lose count of infinite number of ways the universe can move you. Sit with your fear and your insecurity and your jealousy and your paranoia and let them push you past that place that holds you back- past the numbness, the complacency, past truths fed to you by people who hold you with a limited view. Feel your own courage. Let yourself be moved until you catch a glimpse of your limitless, full-of-potential soul.

Stop. Holding. Back.

~Jeanette LeBlanc

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