the ordinary wild

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Society likes to put us in boxes. It likes to write our stories for us and pave paths we’re expected to walk on. We used to walk barefoot through the grass. We climbed trees and sang and spun in circles. We didn’t care who was watching. We left our hair unbrushed and swam in the rivers and let our minds expand with possibility. We didn’t know about the paths or the stories or the boxes, and if we did we thought we’d ignore them and make our own way. But then we stopped doing those things we did before. We packed our Wild into the boxes and handed over the pen. we put on shoes and walked the path. We forgot about the boxes with the wild things in them. We forgot who we were.

we are wild

and magical

and spinning within the universe

we are dust

and water

and expanding with dreams

wild wolf woman

wild butterfly woman

wild every woman

Wild is nature and nature does its thing without apology.

~Cassandra Key

coming out of your shell or breaking free of self-imposed restraints……and how would you describe it?

inquiry for today~   don’t sit still for too long…..move your forgotten wings…….

your own way

A storm was coming

but that’s not what she felt.

It was adventure in

the wind and it shivered

down her spine.


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